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The story of iRate… 

iRate barbers was established in late 2020 in New Zealand, Our goal is to change the way barbers and customers interact with each other and solve some key problems in the barber industry, below is the story of iRate and how it came to be


The iRate Barbers story…


iRate was established in 2020 by founder Tony Rose, Here is the story of how a few problems he faced in life turned into the solution for many. It all started in Wellington NZ when with a simple haircut, or so you would think, But parking was scarce on that day leading to circling of the city in search for a park. After finally finding a park and heading to the barbershop that was known for walk-ins and hoping to get a quick cut, A line of 6 people was awaiting him with a wait time of 1 and a half hours! After his haircut, the wait, and finding a park, The whole experience took just under 3 hours! As a full time worker that really ate into any spare time he had available on his weekend, And to top it off he headed back to a car with a parking fine….

Within a week of that haircut and ordeal Tony was scrolling on social media and came across his old barbers Instagram story who moved to bookings only, Was now offering mobile haircuts on the weekends, After less then an hours time from the original story it was fully booked out! For the next following 3 weeks this trend continued and sparked the interest of Tony who noticed and could understand the demand for mobile haircuts with his recent struggles.

Later that year Tony needed a last minute haircut for a work event and didn’t have time to risk another 3 hour ordeal so he went to look for an open barber outside of the city that had easy parking. While reviewing google reviews for local barbers he realized reviews would only show the overall shop review and not the individual barbers who make up that shop, And almost every shop was 4.5-5 star reviews, He thought to ask Vic deals who they thought was wellingtons best barber, As he should have expected everyone’s barber is the best barber which didnt help narrow down his choice. Time not being on his side he went with the shop with easier parking outside in Haitaitai.

While waiting for his haircut Tony thought back about his last couple of haircuts and how much of a hassle it had been. With the only mobile barber he knew being booked out he thought why isn’t there a marketplace to search and compare other mobile barbers and for barbers to offer a mobile service! The concept was made but this was not the start quiet yet for iRate and it was simply an idea that seemed cool, It wasn’t until almost 3 weeks later when the thought of this idea couldn’t escape his mind and he looked into it more and did some deeper research. While doing so he found another problem in the industry with barbers being undervalued/underpaid, And with the iRate app letting barbers work without the need for a tradtional shop, He knew this was not only a solution for his problems but it would solve problems and provide more freedom for others too. That was the final factor in Tony’s decision to make this concept a reality and the begining of iRate Barbers.

Our Goals

iRate barbers is on a mission, and these are some of our main goals for the barbering industry we want to achive. 


One of our biggest goals at iRate is to give people more control and freedom over their life. Set your own hours, Work anywhere in NZ, And earn more income. A new way of pursuing a barbering career. The entry level for becoming a barbershop owner used to be very high and came with some big risks and overheads, iRate’s goal is to take a lot of the cost, stress, and risk away so we can help barbers achieve ultimate the ultimate freedom in there career 


Becoming your own boss can be challenging so iRate aims to provide barbers with educational tools that will help them with (Marketing, Taxes, Managing time, Money management, Branding, Development) and much more. Allowing our barbers to truly learn and thrive in their industry and beyond


iRate wants to help build a community that brings barbers together too grow and build off of each other. Where barbers can network with each other, grow and expand business, Learn and gain experiences, Support each other and grow with their journeys and career. iRate is planing to host a yearly event to bring barbers together, Showcasing top talents and achievements with Awards and prizes to grow and support each other more in their careers 

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